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MGR Karaoke

MGR Karaoke
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Marmayogi- 1951



Maduri Devi

Anjali devi

Production : Jupiter Films

Music : C.R.Subbaraman

Dialogues : A.S.A.Sami

Direction : K.Ramanath

Story View

A courtesan (Anjali Devi) comes to a palace and gets involved with the king (Serukalathur Sama), plotting to kill him and usurp the throne. The king survives the assassination attempt and flees. He returns, disguised as a sage and tales a position in her court. His son Karikalan (MG Ramachandran), saved by the commandant, grows up as Robin Hood type of do-gooder, protector of the oppressed and who organizez them against the courtesan. After much royal intrigue and sword play, the sage exposes the courtesan in front of the people. She dies of shock while the prince marries the commandant’s daughter (Madhuri Devi).
It ran for 151 days
Released on : 02-02-1951

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