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Thursday, September 18, 2014

MGR's Ponniyin Selvan -1958 (Unreleased)

Ponniyin Selvan  is an Unreleased 1958 Tamil Historical fiction. The movie was to be produced and directed by actor M. G. Ramachandran. The film had M.G.RamachandranVyjayanthimala  and Gemini Ganesan in the lead with PadminiSavitriSaroja Devi, M. N. Rajam, NageshT. S. BalaiahM. N. Nambiar and O. A. K. Devar forms an ensemble cast. This was one of the first film which was an adaptation from the Kalki Krishnamurthy's Ponniyin Selvan.

Cast :
  • M. G. Ramachandran as Vallavaraiyan Vandiyadevan
  • Vyjayanthimala as Kundavai
  • Gemini Ganesan as Arulmozhi Varman
  • Padmini as Vaanathi
  • Savitri as Poonguzhali
  • Saroja Devi as Manimekalai
  • M. N. Rajam as Nandhini
  • Nagaiyah as Sundara Cholan
  • T. S. Balaiah as Azhvarkadiyan
  • M. N. Nambiar as Chinna Pazhuvettarayar
  • O. A. K. Devar as Aditya Karikalan

The casting was made by M. G. Ramachandran who wanted to retain the lead character, Vallavaraiyan Vandiyadevan. For the Arulmozhi Varman role he choose Gemini Ganesan whose role in Veerapandiya Kattabomman is well received. For the role of Kundavai, his choice was Vyjayanthimala who was best known for her song sequel in Vanjikottai Valiban. Furthermore, actress Padmini was chosen to enact the role of Vanathi for her timing utterance of dialogues. The other star cast was selected later which consist of Savitri as Poonguzhali, Saroja Devi as Manimekalai and M. N. Rajam as Nandhini. The male dominant characters for the villainy were set by the inclusion of O. A. K. Devar for the character of Aditya Karikalan since he had the resounding voice modulation and fiery eye contacts. The celebrated villain of that time M. N. Nambiar was pitted for the character of Chinna Pazhuvettarayar and the comedy slot was allotted to T. S. Balaiah as Azhvarkadiyan with Nagaiyah playing the disabled king Sundara Cholan.

In 1958, when acting in a stage drama in SirkazhiM. G. Ramachandran met with an accident. The wound took six months to heal. This made many of his films to shelve such as Malai Nattu IlavarasanSirikum Silai,Silambu Kugai and Thungathae Thambi Thungathae this include Ponniyin Selvan.

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1 comment:

Apitha said...

Who was selected to play the role of periya pazhuvettarayar? What abt sendan amudhan? Interesting and perfect cast. Wish that this movie was completed successfully.

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