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MGR Karaoke
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Monday, December 15, 2008

Manthiri Kumari-1950



MG Ramachandran

(character name:veera mohan),

SA Natarajan,

A Karunanidhi,

Madhuri Devi,

G Shakunthala,

MN Nambiar,

TP Muthulakshmi,




CV Nayakan,

KV Srinivasan

Production Company : Modern Theatres

Directed by Ellis R Duncan, TR Sundaram

Screenplay & Dialogues M Karunanidhi

Cinematography KG Vijayan

Music G Ramanathan

Lyrics A Marudakasi, KM Sharif

Story View

Parthiban (SA Natarajan), son of the royal priest, is crestfallen at not being made the army commandant. To get at the new commandant, Veeramohan (MG Ramachandran), he takes to crime, looting and robbing. The imbecile king has no control of the situation. His daughter Jeeva (G Shakunthala) loves Veeramohan. Meanhwhile the minister’s daughter, Amudavalli (Madhuri Devi) grows fond of Parthiban not knowing about his evil side. When she finds out, she tries to reform him. To get rid of her, parthiban takes her to a mountain peak and threatens to push her down. However, she outwits him and kills him instead. She announces his death in the court, only to be killed by the royal priest.

the film ran for 151 days

Released on : 24-06-1950

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