Sunday, August 31, 2008

50 yrs of Nadodi Mannan -Part 3

The movie meant everything to MGR and he invested heavily on the project. Justifying his decision to produce the movie himself.MGR wanted the best and got it too. The amounts that were being expended towards the project were simply mind-blowing. The industry was agog with speculation at MGR nonchalantly putting all his eggs in this basket. His well-wishers were filled with anxiety, for if the movie did not fare well, MGR would be facing financial ruin. Commenting wryly on the title, MGR is said to have confessed that if the movie did well, he would be a King; if it flopped, he would be a homeless nomad. The movie was some years in the making . MGR had initially requested the brilliant K. Ramnoth to direct the movie, and the venerable veteran had accepted the offer with pleasure. But fate willed otherwise- K. Ramnoth passed away on 4th Octoer 1956. Not wanting to give the responsibility to anyone else, MGR took upon himself the responsibility of directing the movie. All dedicated members of MGR’s entourage were put to work night and day on the project. With characteristic foresight, MGR ensured that no other movie of his was released in 1958, so that his fans would wait eagerly for ‘Naadodi Mannan’ and ensure its success. His last movie immediately preceding ‘Mahadevi’ was released on 22nd November 1957 and his next movie after ‘Naadodi Mannan’ was ‘Thaai magalukku kattiya thaali’, released on 31st December 1959. He put all other projects on hold, so that he could devote all his time and attention for ‘Naadodi Mannan’.

courtesy: dhool

(to be contd)
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