Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MGR’s Nephew M.G.C.Rajendren’s 58th Birthday





 MGR’s Nephew and M.G.Chakrapani’s 8th son Mr.M.G.C.Rajendren celebrates his 58th birthday   with his family yesterday.Mr.M.G.C.Rajendren‘s son M.C.R.Praveen arranged a surprise party at his residence.

Mr.M.G.C.Rajendren was born on 28.12.1952,he did his schooling in St.Bedes in chennai and did his college at Loyola College.He is married to Mrs Shanti.Rajendren and having to children M.C.R.Praveen got engaged recently [Click Here] and M.C.R.Prasanth.

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While shooting of “ Anbe Vaa “,Makkal Thilagam came from the shooting for the song “Pudiya Vanam…..“from simla, and he told he saw a kid just like him and Mr.M.G.C.Rajendren was very happy to hear that.In childhood Mr.M.G.C.Rajendren was very bubbly and cute.After coming from the shooting for the movie Adimai Penn from Jaipur he had brought a lot of toys for his brother children.When he is at home he used spend his time with us.When he did his higher schooling his  uncle Makkal Thilagam M.G.R  gave him a long glass to to his brother Late M.G.C.Balu ,though both of them look like twins ,the long glass was used in the movie Nadodi manan.Still both of them have been preserving the antique glass says Mr.M.G.C.Rajendren.


My dad is not like a father to me,he is like a friend to us.He is very loving,caring in nature.He likes to spend to with his family members and his brothers and sisters says his son Mr.M.C.R.Praveen.

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M.G.Chakrapani’s Family



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