Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ANBE VAA -1966

M.G. Ramachandran (J.Balasubramaniyam)
Saroja Devi B.
Music : M.S.Viswanathan
Produced by : AVM Productions
Director: A.C. Trilogchander


JB (MG Ramachandran) is a wealthy industrialist who decides to take a break at his Simla home away from business concerns. He lands there to find that his caretaker has rented his house to Geeta's (Saroja Devi)'s family, taken the rent and left for Kasi with his wife. His daughter Manorama and brother in law Nagesh are left in charge of the house and the guests. JB decides not to reveal his idenity and pretends to be a wealthy man, Balu, willing to pay rent for a place in the house. Nagesh takes the money and gives him JB's room. He keeps playing practical jokes on Geetha hand they keep clashing. She brings her friends who are on a trip to Simla and tries to drive JB from the house. After he gets the friends on his side, she gets angry and tells her parents to get her married to Asokan, a relative and an air force pilot. By the time Balu confesses his love for her, Geetha's engagement is already fixed. Asokan turns out to be a school friend of JB's but he also agrees to play along with the trick. Asokan discovers that Balu and Sarojadevi are actually in love with each other and steps aside. When Balu is finally revealed as JB, Geetha thinks that the wedding plans are yet another of Balu's practical jokes and tries to run away. He finds her and all misunderstandings are cleared. The two get married.
This film was inspired from an english film "Come September".

the film ran for 175 days

Released on : 14-1-1966
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