Wednesday, August 8, 2012

M.G.R Fans Condemn the sentence as stated by the Writer Mr. Bagavan Singh.



Dear Editor,

Sub : Denial of Statement published under the article written by Mr. R. Bagavan Singh titled as "Ariyatha Mugangal"

On behalf of crores of MGR Devotess, I strongly object and condemn the sentence as stated by the Writer Mr. Bagavan Singh.

It is quite untrue that the then District AIADMK Organizers have feared over assembling of crowd when MGR visits in their Districts. Please note that - First of all, our beloved God MGR, (who still remains as the VOTE BANKER) is beyond comparison. He proved several times at different occasions that he was always supreme and huge crowd puller by way of making large gathering whenever he calls for any agitation, public meetings etc. Next to Aringnar Anna, he was the deciding authority for Chief Ministership in the year 1969 which shows his strength. He was the only political leader who got connection even to the lowest level of party worker. The Local Leaders of the Party have never worried about the crowd when the great MGR visits their place. They were fully aware that however it may be whether during hot sun or during heavy rain the crowd (not brought under compulsion but by spending their own money and present themselves voluntarily to see their affectionate leader) remain there for hours together and anticipate the arrival of Legend MGR without any expectation (unlike the current situation of providing Non-veg. Dishes, Briyani, Liquor Bottles, Free transportation with pocket money of 500s or 1000s) It is a great pride for him until his death he was a go-getter between the party-men and thus ensured cordial / smooth relationship exists in his AIADMK party. As far as political career is concerned, he was a never defeated Chief Minister.

Under the said circumstances, I request you to please arrange to publish my views, on behalf of crores of MGR Devotees, with the belief that the magazine "Puthiya Thalaimurai" will respect the feelings of its Readers.

Thanks & Regards,

Prof. S. Selvakumar

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