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M..G.R’s Grandson At Kandy ,Birth Place Of M.G.R



Mr.Vinesh.V.Nair is the grandson of M.G.R’s elder brother M.G.Chakrapani  and son of M.G.Chakrapani’s daughter M.C.Vijayalakshmi.Mr.Vinesh had been to Sri lanka for an official tour.He wants to share his great moment about visiting Nawalapitiya in kandy to all Makkal Thilagam’s M.G.R Fans.(Mr.Vinesh had emailed me from Sri lanka)

“Hi M.G.R Fans,

I am in Sri Lanka and I have been busy with work. However, one of my team members said we will all go to Kandy to the Buddhist temple there. I had already asked him about whether he knew about he had heard that MGR was born in Kandy. So he had found out that he had MGR was born in a small town called Navilipittiya in Kandy province. (The world knows it as Kandy but Kandy is not a city only but a province). So, since Navilipittiya was on the way, we decided to stop there.

MGR's Grandson at  Kandy-1

There, we asked for the Magistrate's office. The idea was to check if there were any records that I could review. One set of people said that there is a new one but the old one had been closed for many many years. It is also the house where the Magistrate lived.

So we drove up the road and came to a gate that looked to have been closed for close to 100 years.

MGR's Grandson at  Kandy-2
I got out to look at the gate closer. Inside where in the verandah, there was thick greenery, wild shrubs growing all the way to the roof of the front and there was clearly 2 blocks, one the office, waiting area and behind was perhaps the house.
As I stood there, I realized that this could be where our Great Grand Father, Marathur Gopala Menon lived with his wife, Sathyabhama and their 3 children, M G Chakrapani, M G Ramachandran and their sister!

This is truly a great moment in the history of our family. This is where the great story began. Had there been a different beginning to the story, much of which we know as the great history of Tamil Nadu, our families and the like would never have even happened.

I feel truly blessed!



We Thank Mr.Vinesh To Share His Great Moment  To Us

From: All Makkal Thilagam M.G.R Fans


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