Friday, May 14, 2010

M.G.R’s Movie Titles Being Used Again


laya Thalapathi’s next film is titled ‘Kaavalkaran’. The title may match the one liner story which is about shielding the heiress to a wealthy empire from villainous forces. Even the original version of this Vijay film in Malayalam was titled ‘Bodyguard’ which also means ‘Kaavalkaran’. But Vijay still maintains this title is not final.

Now we hear the famed ‘Mannathi Mannan’ title is being used for the Tamil dubbed version of the Telugu film ‘Mahadheera’. And again Tamil dubbed Malayalam movie this year has taken the 1975 super hit ‘Ninaithadhai Mudippavan’ only by adding prefix Naan to escape criticism.

If you look at the craze for using the titles of old films and remixing classic hits you will be surprised. Of that re-using craze it is MGR who suffers most. Most of the re-used titles and re-mixed songs are from his films. The most successful star ever in Tamil cinema is more than beneficial to our film makers even after 33 years he left the movies and 23 years after he died.

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