Tuesday, September 23, 2008

M.G.Ramachandran who was amazed to see a young women- Mrs Rani Krishnan

Mrs.Rani Krishnan, the Founder & Secretary of Annai Fathima Trust was working as a petition collector, who collects the petitions from the public and submit them to the gate security officer in charge of Thiru M.G.Ramachandran ,then former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.Mrs. Rani Krishnan worked there for 2 years.During her working period for the Chief Minister she always waited for an opportunity to express her desire to dedicate her life to the poor and the needy.Finally she got an opportunity to express her desires to the ruling Chief Minister Thiru M.G.Ramachandran who was amazed to see a young women with such a rare desire and he was very pleased to allocate her a place to start her career as a social worker.Hence the Kancheepuram District Collector allocated a place outside the city limit to establish the dream of Mrs. Rani Krishnan.Now just at the age of 20 Mrs. Rani Krishnan was given a task beyond her imagination as she always had a limited thoughts and now she has been provided a place which could accommodate more than 100 children.Now the fear within her to accomplish the dream grew more when she was not accepted by the village people at the early 80's.Mrs. Rani Krishnan started the Annai Fathima

Courtesy : Zoom Info
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