Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some information about MGR songs- Part 1

When MGR Was the CM the Tigers issu in Sri Lanka was burning. In the song "Eh Naadodi.. poga venddum Ododi" in Anbe Vaa. there is a sparking line that MGR sings "Puliyai Paaar Nadayile.. Puyalai Par seyalie.. Purium Paar Mudivile.. Mirattinaal Padiyuma? Virattinaaal Mudiyuma?" This is a direct refernce to the invincible power of the tigers. So this song too had to be carefully played in All India Radio

In 1956 Mahadevi was being produced. Kannadasasn wrote a song for a park situation. The kathali would wait for a long time and sleep off. The kathalan would come later and rubs her face gently to wake her up. She wakes up to her shock. Then the song goes. "Naanandri Yaar varuvaar. Ilam Nangai Unai veru Yaar thoduvaar" MGR did not like this song. So Kannadasan replaced it with "Kan Moodum Velayilum kalai enne kalaiye". Kannadasan was wild with MGR. Several other pressures forced him to produce his own film.
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