Thursday, May 27, 2010

IN M.G.R’s Government



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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

M.G.R’s Rare Images







Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Former AIADMK Minister Mr.K.A.K Passes Away

mail copy                      Photo Given By MGR Ramamurthy

Former AIADMK minister K.A.Krishnasamy, known as K.A.K, died on Tuesday. He was 78 and is survived by two sons, including K.A.K. Mukil, deputy secretary of the AIADMK's MGR youth wing, and two daughters. KAK was the younger brother of K.A.Mathiazhagan, one of the five prominent leaders (Iymperumthalaivarkal) of the DMK.

MGR’s title was rechristened from ‘Puratchinadigar‘ to ‘Puratchithalaivar‘ by the party’s Organising Secretary K.A.Krishnasamy owing to popular public demand.KAK was the first organisation secretary of the AIADMK when it was founded in 1972 by MGR.Thennagam, the daily run by him, became the official organ of the AIADMK.

All The MGR Fans Pray For His Soul To Rest In Peace

Friday, May 14, 2010

M.G.R’s Movie Titles Being Used Again


laya Thalapathi’s next film is titled ‘Kaavalkaran’. The title may match the one liner story which is about shielding the heiress to a wealthy empire from villainous forces. Even the original version of this Vijay film in Malayalam was titled ‘Bodyguard’ which also means ‘Kaavalkaran’. But Vijay still maintains this title is not final.

Now we hear the famed ‘Mannathi Mannan’ title is being used for the Tamil dubbed version of the Telugu film ‘Mahadheera’. And again Tamil dubbed Malayalam movie this year has taken the 1975 super hit ‘Ninaithadhai Mudippavan’ only by adding prefix Naan to escape criticism.

If you look at the craze for using the titles of old films and remixing classic hits you will be surprised. Of that re-using craze it is MGR who suffers most. Most of the re-used titles and re-mixed songs are from his films. The most successful star ever in Tamil cinema is more than beneficial to our film makers even after 33 years he left the movies and 23 years after he died.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

MGR Fans Celebrates Platinum Jubilee


MGR first acted movie “Sathi Leelavathi” was released on 28th March 1936. He should have faced the camera in the year 1935 and there is no mention of particular date in MGR’s biography even though he has said in his life in Dairy.

HWScan00039 copy


Fans  have decided to celebrate  Makkal Thilagam’s Platinum

Function this year in Chennai and next year in Madurai.

All Fans had a meet in Madurai and Coimbatore about organising the function .

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Re-Release Of Enga Veetu Pillai


Enga Veetu Pillai was released in Natraj theater this Friday. The show was nearly full .The Print was bad and the fans were disappointed.



MGR Devotee Ma.So.Narayanan had released a Book about our beloved Leader MGR today in the same venue. The function was to held at 8.15 PM during Interval .The main guests were Lyric writer Mr.Senguttavan (who wrote the song “Nan Ungal Veetu Pillai”),Mr.M.G.C.B.Pradeep Grandson of M.G.Chakrapani and M.G.R and Natraj theatre owner and Plenty of fans.The book was released  by an handicapped man. 

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