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MGR's house in ruins

While the descen dents of Puratchi Thalaivar MGR are squabbling over his wealth, the house that he lived in during his early days lies in shambles. The late M.G. Ramachandran lived in a rented house on N S C Bose Road, Sowcarpet with his mother Sathyabhama and the family of his elder brother M G Chakrapani, before he made it big in the film world and then went on to become the chief minister.
“After the release of Mandhiri Kumaari, the house owner suggested that MGR shift to a better place to accommodate more visi- tors and fans,” said Palani, an ardent fan of MGR, who lives near the house. Muthaliyar, who owned the building, later sold it. However, no one lives in the well-designed traditional house now. At present a portion of the place is used by a betel leaf trader. The wooden steps and beautiful ceilings of the building are ruined.
“After he became the chief minister, he visited the house in 1984 during the heavy flood that affect ed Madras city. He distributed rice, dhothis, sarees and Rs 100 to each of his poor neighbours in the street,” Sreedhar said recalling MGR’s last visit.

By Deccan Chronicle

Madurai Veeran- 1956


M.G.Ramachandran (Charcter's Name : Veeran)

N.S.K &


Produced by Sri Krishna Pictures

Directed by : T.Yoganad

Music: G.Ramanathan

Dialogues : Kannadasan

Story View

It is 17th century Tamil Nadu. The Poligars are the rulers of the Madurai region. A prince is born with the umbilical cord wound around his neck. The court astrologer predicts disaster for the royal family persuading him to abandon the infant in the forest. The infant is rescued by the cobbler. He grows up to be Veeran who becomes commandant of the army and who gets married to a princess. The king of Madurai requests Veeran to rescue his kingdom from dacoits. While in madurai, Veeran falls in love with the court dancer who is also coveted by the king. The king executes Veeran. The two women die in sorrow. All three attain godhold and rise to heaven.

the film Ran For 200 days

Released on : 13-04-1956
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