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வாழ்ந்தவர் கோடி மறைந்தவர் கோடி மக்களின் மனதில் நிற்பவர் யார்…?

Hello Mr.Raghavendra

(Owner of and

First let me introduce myself I am M.G.C.B Pradeep, Son of        M.G.C.Balu and Grandson of Thiru.M.G.Chakrapani and Thiru.M.G.Ramachandran. My profession is Film Editor. I am also party member and Official Party Speaker of All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam.


I am regularly reading Tamil movie thread in mayyam and particularly my grandfather thread and Naidgar Thilagam thread. I came to see an article that you have written recently and I want an explanation.


First of all I want to know is that Mr.Raghavendra is the real owner of nadigarthilagam website,and has written this comment . if “YES” than my questions are two,

"THANI MANITHA SELVAKKU"  that you have written, let me know who you are meaning in this comment .Are  you pointing  my Grand Father Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Thiru.M.G.Ramachandran or our Party General Secretary Amma Jayalalithaa ?

If you are saying that it relates to my Grand Father and founder of ADMK and Amma Jayalalithaa it is not true, as I am going through all over Tamil nadu personally and getting updates from Party cadres through  mobile calls, I can assure you that the term you used Thani manitha selvakku is diminishing and it is false, if you do not like my leader (grandfather) let me know why? because not even chennai or tamil nadu ,whole world knows what he had achieved .


Second question: "MEEGAI PADTHA PATTA SEIYARKAI ATHARAVU" does this means our  Amma  Ms.Jayalalithaa's visit to Pennagaram and the people who received her during election campaign?

We did not give any money to gather crowd for my Party General Secretary visit. It is natural gathering as happened earlier whenever our leader  visited places during election.


What you are trying to say, that our leader is worthless can you prove that fact you have written. Everyone knows the power of MGR and his vote bank and everyone has an eye on the vote bank.

The second question of Meegai padtha patta seiyarkai atharavu you are mentioning because of MGR Devotees celebrating in movie theaters, if YES than I ask you who is providing money to celebrate?  Is it our Party General Secretary Ms.Jayalalithaa, it is not true, the celebration are done by various MGR fans association not only in Chennai but all over Tamil nadu and rest of the world, and I travel all over tamilnadu extensively and know more than you, what is happening in Tamil Nadu and what MGR fans are doing.



The crowd you see in during our leader movie releases are formed naturally, if you say it is not true, let me you see you in person and talk over the matter.

For information regarding the election, money was the BOSS to get votes. And in 2001 the party DMK lost deposit against ADMK and PMK alliance and now PMK which was a winner in 2001 was in second place, if party like DMK who lost the deposit and got only 17000 plus votes in 2001 can win the place in 2006 and 2010, why cant AIADMK win in the next election. We got 26000 plus votes that way higher than DMK votes in 2001.

I have also gone through several of your writings and others in our leader MGR digression thread ,I am not going into that but if you like ,I will answer that too.

I am expecting your reply and all our leader MGR fans want to see what you are going to explain.

I tried to give an email ,but since you have written in public about  our leader and Party General Secretary of ADMK I have  written it in public.

I feel that you are blindly writing the above as facts , if you still feel that you are writing is right then if you have the capacity to change the history we are waiting to see that eagerly.

I also find from your writing that you are very proud of being Tamil and used the term not to let down Tamil Actor Nadigar Thilagam that was wonderful, but your intention is not that, it was very old accusation and an agenda thrown over people that my leader is a Malayali after 1972, and the accusation did not heeded by the people of Tamil Nadu and you are using the same technique now? I feel sorry for your condition. And as you are so much of liking for Tamil is that spelling pennagaram that you have written is correct.?

And last not the end

I just want to tell you one thing Makkal Thilagam and Nadigar Thilagam are two poles in reel life but in real life they are very good friends. No Fans till this date have commented on your beloved actor,that means truth is in our side.

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