Monday, September 1, 2008

TEMPLE FOR MGR- by roop kumar

While I was in final phase of writing down how Google Search Engine helped me to increase the traffic, and in the leisure I was reading Mannathi Mannan MGR magazine in that an article touched my heart, my eyes glistened. Here is the article:
A temple for MGR was erected by Kantha Srinivasan in the campus of the High Court of Madras, in the year 1984.
She is now 50 years old, her occupation was selling flowers, cool drinks in the High Court campus. Kantha Srinivasan and her family are faithful MGR devotees. She says MGR is her God. She has seen MGR thrice in her life time.

On one occasion in a meeting Kantha Srinivasan touched MGR and gave him a Cool drink. MGR drank half of the content and handed over the remaining to her, which she drank in front of him, and MGR smiled back she was in tears and uncontrollable

In the end of 1984 MGR was admitted in Apollo Hospital like thousands of MGR fans she and her husband also stranded in front of the Hospital to know the condition of her God. She also prayed like others but she did not stop with prayers, she went on to erect a shrine on 19.12.1984 with help from Kalikambal temple priest. And the temple was named as "Neethi Karumariamman Alayam" and placed a MGR photo inside the sanctum. She along with others started to pray regularly. MGR fans prayer was answered MGR returned safely to India and took charge as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for the 3rd time. Returning to the Office MGR thanked all his Fans and well wishers for their prayers.

After MGR left Earth, Kantha Srinivasan performs special prayers and functions on MGR birth day also. She is eager to erect a Idol of MGR inside the sanctum, and has a plan to consecrate the shrine by Amma (Jayalalithaa).

Is MGR dead? I think not, he is still living in the hearts of poor. There is no end to MGR's fame, his fame will last to infinity. There is no end to MGR.

Long Live MGR's fame.
The Guardian of the Downtrodden and Oppressed.
God of the Poor.
Hope for the downhearted.

Article Wrote by Roop Kumar
(MGR Fan also writing about Thiru MGR)
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