Tuesday, November 23, 2010

M.G.R’s Deleted Scenes & Songs Of “Nadodi Manan”



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MGR produced, directed and acted in his movie called “Nadodi Mannan” He pooled all his resources to the making of the film and he boldly took the second half of the film in Colour. His enemies expected that the film will doom in the Box Office. MGR himself stated that if the film was a Hit he will be a Mannan (King) if it fails he will be a Nadodi (Wanderer). The film was a huge success when it was released in 1958.
Tamil movie witnessed a different technology as MGR acted in two roles, the
technique for double action scenes are done by Mask shot. i.e. the camera stands still, one side of the film is masked while the other half is shot and vice versa, the exposed side is masked and the other half unexposed side is retaken, to make the shot perfect the Camera should be steady. But in “Nadodi Mannan” the Camera moves with the two characters and there is no jerk. How they took the scene is still a mystery. In the making of “Nadodi Mannan” he had shot too many scenes and later due to length and some reasons ,he had deleted it .Mr MGCB.Pradeep(MGRPERAN BLOG) and Mr.Roop Kumar(Srimgr.com) have taken pains to search in getting information about the deleted scenes for Makkal Thilagam MGR Fans. There is an interview about the deleted scenes by MGR’s Nephew M.G.C.Chandran.

Click Here To Know  Information About Nadodi Mannan  And Interview M.G.C.Chandran

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