Friday, December 17, 2010

M.G.R’s Kidney Donor M.G.C.Leelavathy’s 61st Birthday




M.G.C.Leelavathy,niece of MGR and his Kidney donor celebrates her 61st birthday today in Muscut (capital and largest city of Oman)

M.G.C.Leelavathy born on 17th Dec 1949  is the sixth child of thiru M.G.Chakrapani.She got married on 18th April 1966 .She had married to  Mr.Dr.Ravindranathan. Leelavathy has two daughters, Hemalatha and Mrinalini.


M1 M2


In the year 1984 Leelavathy was taken to Brooklyn at U.S, where MGR was being treated as her kidney was found compatible. Soon an operation was performed and Leelavathy’s Kidney was transplanted to MGR and he was immediately on the road to recovery. It was really a histrionic moment as the whole of Tamilnadu was waiting with abated breath for MGR’s recovery ! Their joy knew no bounds when the doctors announced that the operation was successful and MGR could lead a normal life. Leelavathy herself was so relieved that her beloved uncle had survived a major surgery and that she was the chosen one who had the privilege to donate her Kidney to the Great Legend. Her only thought at that time was that her uncle was well again and little did she realize at that time that she had also become a small part of history.

 Hema             Mini

[First Daughter]Mrs Hema Murali’s Family     [Second Daughter] Mrs Mirnalini Nandan’s Family


To day, let us wish Leelavathy a very HAPPY and HEALTHY BIRTHDAY ! May god give her the strength and Happiness to celebrate many more Birthdays !





Wishing her a PALLANDU VAZGHA !


M.G.Chakrapani’s Family



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