Thursday, May 3, 2012

M.G.R Fans Upset On Poetry By Sivaji Fans-1



MGR with Sivaji Ganesan

M.G.R fans are upset on the written poetry by sivaji fans.After the re-release of the movie Karanan acted by Mr. sivaji ganesan and the film is running successfully stating by sivaji fans and now  writing indirectly in a indecent format. As a grandson of M.G.R I am hurt and again and again  saying that we (M.G.R Fans) are not at all commenting on Mr.sivaji or Mr.sivaji ‘s fans.I think Mr.Sivaji Fans are….jealous on M.G.R Movie releases. If your movie running in a gap it is not our fault go ask the distributors. Distributors or channels  releases movie of  M.G.R because they could get an gain not loss and channels putting M.G.R movies for rating why blame M.G.R or M.G.R Fans.-


Poetry By Sivaji Fans :






Counter Act By :

Kalaiventhen M.G.R Trust Bakthargal (Since 1982)










To Be Contd……

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