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Kalai Arasi -1963 Part -1

Cast :

M.G.Ramachandran (charcter name :Mohan & a Jester)
(Dual Roles)
N.S Narayan Pillai
S.M Thirupati Sami

Story :T.E.Gnanamoorthi
Dialogues :Ravinder
Lyrics :Pattukottai Kalyan Sundram
Kavigner Kannadasan
Alangudi Somu
Music : K.V.Mahadevan
Cameraman :J.G.Vijayam
Editing & Assistant Direction : S.Natarajan
Produced by :Sarodi Brothers
Directed by : A.Kasilingam

Story View :

When the Hritik Roshan starrer ‘kOi mil gayaa’ was released in 2003, the media went overboard portraying the movie the first ever effort at science fiction in the history of Indian cinema. And as usual they failed to look beyond the Vindhyas when they made this outrageous claim- for Tamil cinema had explored this genre much earlier. Even if you discount the 1953 Indo-American venture ‘The Jungle/ kaadu’ (Lippert Pictures & The Modern Theaters) as a mere forest frolic with just the climax verging on science- fiction, Tamil cinema had a first class science-fiction entertainer in ‘kalai arasi’ released 40 years before ‘kOi mil gayaa’.‘The earth is the cradle of mankind - one cannot remain in the cradle forever’ declared Russian scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. Perhaps T.E. Gnanamoorthi M.A., B.O.L. was inspired by these words, for he wrote a story that was an engrossing blend of adventure and romance, with space travel as the amazing backdrop.
The story goes like this. Mohan is a poor, but honest and hard-working farmer. Vani is the daughter of the rich landlord who lives in the city while their lands are under the supervision of her cousin and suitor, the wily Kannan. On a visit to the village with her friends, Vani meets Mohan; Mohan and Vani find themselves falling in love with each other gradually. Meanwhile a spacecraft is moving rapidly towards the earth. Inside are two alien creatures who resemble earthly humans. From their conversation we understand that they are traveling to the earth on a strange mission. Apparently their planet has made far-reaching strides in science, but is woefully backward in performing arts. Hence they are coming to the earth to identify and take back a talented artiste who could teach their denizens music and dance. As they near the earth, one of the aliens, Thinna, who is the commander-in-chief of their planet, switches on a monitor, and the screen shows music and dance performances in various parts of the earth. He seems to be dissatisfied with them all, until he comes across Vani singing. He is mesmerized with her performance and decides that she would best suit their purpose.
Returning home after a clandestine moonlight rendezvous with Mohan, Vani falls into the clutches of the aliens. Thinna drags her inside the spacecraft, while the other alien Malla elects to stay on in the earth for a while. Vani is shocked when she finds herself far away from the earth. The king of the alien planet assures her that she will return safely after she had taught them dance and music. Vani is defiant and furious. However, princess Rajini treats her kindly and Vani agrees to teach her. Meanwhile back in the earth Vani’s father blames Kannan for Vani’s disappearance. Kannan goes in search of Vani and comes across a mentally deranged girl called Valli who bears a startling resemblance to Vani. Assuming that she is Vani, he gets her kidnapped and brings her home. Saddened to see his daughter a lunatic, Vani’s father agrees for Kannan to get married to her, and thus Kannan marries the poor Valli, under the assumption that he is marrying the rich heiress Vani.Mohan spies the alien Malla one night as Malla is getting ready to return to his planet. They have a brief skirmish and Malla dies. Thinna lands in his spacecraft just then to take Malla home. He sees Malla’s corpse and places it in an ante-chamber inside the craft. Watching all this, Mohan enters the craft quickly, and dragging Malla’s corpse out, he jumps into the ante-chamber.

To be Contd...

Released on :19.4.1963
Ran For : 100 days

Source From :Dhool

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