Friday, September 26, 2008

In the film "Naam"

In 1953 with M.G.R.,P.S.Veerappa and Kasilingam, Kalaignar Karunanidhi also joined together to produce the film "Naam". This was the first film that came out under "Megala Pictures" banner. As the film was a failure this alliance of above-said people didn't continue.
Those who see "Naam" film to-day would be astonished because that film in no way matches with the known image of M.G.R.
M.G.R. acted in the role of a servant in the house of P.S.Veerappa. When Veerappa finds fault with M.G.R.'s work he hicks off M.G.R. with his legs, in a particular scene in that film. Thus M.G.R. being beaten by a villain is a very rare scene not to be seen in any other film. Such type of beating is that!.... M.G.R. could patiently bear with that. But would the fans accept it? In the later days, when the film was screened in the second run, the fans scolded P.S.Veerappa like anything.

courtesy:Dinakaran website


inthirajith said...

is ther any possible to get thalaivars naam cd or cassette, if possible where to get please inform or help me to get it.

inthirajith said...

please help me to get thalaivars naam movie cd or cassette

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