Monday, December 15, 2008

Chakravathi Thirumagal-1957


MG Ramachandran

(Character Name :Udayasuriyan)


Anjali Devi

Music by

G Ramanathan

Produced by
Uma Pictures,

Director by


Prince Udaya Suriyan (MG Ramachandran) of Kaveripattinam wins the hand of Princess Kalamalini (Anjali Devi) of Maruda Nadu in a swayamvar by defeating the Maruda general Bhairavan ( PS Veerappa). Bhairavan plots with Durga (S Varalakshmi), who is Kalamalini's best friend and who also loves Udayan to help him get Kalamalini. The plot is to abduct the princess with Durga taking her place. Udayan, however, spots the deception. Kalamalini escapes from the clutches of Bhairavan and returns to the palace, disguised as a dancer. Finally all's well that ends well as she is re-united with Udayan.

the film ran for 14o days

Released on : 18-01-1957

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