Friday, April 2, 2010

MGR’s Debut Film “Sathileelavathi” -Part 1

M.G.R’s first debut film is “Sathileelavathi” and was released on 28 march 1936.After years of hard work in stage performance,both the brothers got a chance in film industry in the able guidance of Mr.Kandasamy Mudaliyar.
                        Mr.Kandasamy Mudaliyar, a famous drama teacher at that time, saw a famous drama “Pathibakthi”  and wanted to make the drama into a film with the same title. K.P.Kesavan had acted as a hero in Madurai Boys company‘s Pathibakthi a famous drama on those days.Mr.Kandasamy Mudaliyar wanted to do the film with his son M.K.Radha in the lead role.He also wanted to work with the producer Kovai Marudachalam Chettiar and then they asked the rights to Madurai Boys company’s owner  Mr.Sachidanandam Pillai, though he had done the drama ‘Pathibakthi”,later he agreed to with it.
                  Kovai Marudachalam Chettiar started the  production to produce the drama to film ,but at that time Sachidanandam Pillai‘s close friend convinced him that the script is very good and instead of giving to somebody he can itself produce the film and hero as K.P.Kesavan. Sachidanandam Pillai took back the rights, Mr.Kandasamy Mudaliyar was upset.
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Song Lyrics From the Film “Sathileelavathi

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