Friday, April 2, 2010

MGR’s Debut Film “Sathileelavathi” -Part 2

Sachidanandam Pillai took back the rights, Mr.Kandasamy Mudaliyar was upset.Then one of his assistants a youngster, told not to worry and he had  a script similar to Pathibakthi.He also said there is too many differences between Pathibakthi story and his story.
HWScan00021HWScan00022  After the youngster narrating the story to Mr.Kandasamy Mudaliyar ,the story was liked by Mudaliyar and started to do the movie in the banner of Marudachalam Chettiar’s Manorama Films.It was named “Sathileevathi” and dialogues was written by Mr.Kandasamy Mudaliyar ,director was an American ,it was his first tamil movie.He was Elis R Duncan. And the youngster who told the story was S.S.Vasan.
sathileelavathihh They had casted with M.K.Radha, M.R.Yanambal(Later M.K.Radha and M.R.Yanambal became life partners.) ,M.G.Chakrapani,M.G.Ramachanran,T.S.Balaiah,N.S.K.
M.G.R played the role as Poilce Inspector.Sathileevathi movie was staged as play initially and it was easier for Elis R Duncan to direct.
The movie was a huge success and it ran for 125 days

Reference From :Ithayakani S Vijayan 's book about M.G.R
                          Urimai Kural B.s.Raj

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